Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sequel to Child 44

It's been out for sometime now but I'm getting around to posting it only now..
Tom Rob Smith a brilliant British writer who wrote his debut book Child 44, which I just LOVED, by the way, has another book out and I did find out it was a sequel to Child 44. It's called The Secret Speech and got 3½ stars in bookmarks magazine.
THE STORY : It is 1956, and a more broad-minded Russia has emerged from the tumultuous days following Stalin's death, prompting his former opponents - the secret police, judges, and others who carried out his orders - to bay for the blood of his collaborators. Guilt-ridden Ministry of State Security agent Leo Demidov, appointed to a special homicide unit after tracking down a serial killer in Child 44, seeks solace in his family, including his long-suffering wife Raisa and adopted daughters Zoya and Elena, but someone has other plans for him. When fellow agents begin turning up dead, the Kremlin turns a blind eye, and Leo finds himself at the center of a dark and twisted plot for revenge.
(excerpt from bookmark magazine Sept/Oct 2009 ed.)

I don't think it's in Korea yet.. hopefully it'll be imported soon :)

OH! and I hear that Child 44 will be out in theatres soon directed by Ridley Scott.

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