Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy to Announce!!!

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
I can't really begin to explain how excited I am.

Okay, so here's what happened, I was reading The Painted Veil just lying down lazily and didn't think that they'd get back to me on Monday, I mean they did say they'll get back to me early this week but that could be Tuesday or even Wednesday.. anyways, so, not really expecting to get any news from them I opened up my mail account and there it was a new mail from them!!!

I was afraid to open it but knowing what's written is not going to magically change.. I clicked on it and there was a mail that looked very familiar.. yup, not the new message.. just a previous one, the thread was opened so closing that there was the new message.. Usually, if you read the western version of 'you got the job' or 'sorry maybe next time' you'll know which one you are right away just by reading the first line BUT this is an oriental version so.. had to read the general info saying 'Total of 20 people applied to our school and after sending out the interview questions only 4 responded with their answers. Among the 4 yours highly scored in accuracy, effort and sincerity...' and SO.. yes, I sent them a reply mail asking them a bunch of questions like the working hours, how many teachers/students there are.. etcetera.. etcetra

They gave me a choice either to start before the Lunar New Year Holidays or after but since I want to get the feel of the place I told them that I'll start before the holiday.

Though I am excited to go.. I still am sad about leaving.. I know I'm not leaving for good but you know what I mean.

Thank you everyone who wished me good luck..
and Thank you Kristen and Peter for staying up late to help me out with the questions..
I can't tell you how nervous I was about it.. even though I knew they some of them were right.. I began to doubt myself and that was endless.. So, thank you both, I really appreciate it.. and love you both!



  1. Oh my goodness! Congrats, V!!! You deserve it :-) Have a wonderful time! (And maybe you let us in on this experience every now and then? ;-) )

  2. wow just thought of stopping by to have a look and got this wonderful news. i am so happy for you! :) *big hug* have a great time in hanoi! make the best of it :)

  3. Thanks every one.. I'll definitely update everything on the blog and let you all know how it's going.. :D

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