Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fingers Crossed!!!

Yes, the past few weeks I've been applying for some new jobs and getting calls of p/t, f/t. all types of jobs: some I liked, some I didn't and some I wasn't sure of.. But I did find something that really peeked my interest... a job teaching in Hanoi, Vietnam.. I finally got an answer from them on Thursday with an attached file of questions since they couldn't interview me in person they wanted me to answer them and send it to them.. which I did send yesterday :)

Yes, it's done and sent and I got a mail saying that they'll get back to me with the result sometime early next week.. I do hope this is something that I do get a chance at.. I do need a new start and I do need to do that soon because even though I am liking all the time off... this girl can't really live off of her savings when she needs to be saving up. AND doing it in a totally different country that I've never been to, I think, would be a good change despite I'd hate to leave all my friends and my beloved book club behind.. which I did consider before applying and which was what I was hesitant about applying.. but then, I did think logically and realistically and thought of myself, which is also one of my resolution: to think of myself first before others.. to be a little more selfish, and the conclusion was that I need to make a change for myself. Even if that means it's leaving my family and friends behind.. I have all these things I want to do.. and learn and I don't know where my path will take me for now.. but though that uncertainty scares the hell out of me I am taking it much better than before..

I guess that's what's growing up is all about.. I've always been living in this secure pond where my parents were always there to look after me.. though I am independent I have never left that pond.. and I think it's about time to detach myself and move on to a bigger pond or explore the ocean. I think I've always been scared but it's that time where I know I need to step out of that.. which does tell me that I've grown a little more than last year..

I know there's a change that I will not get this job.. though I'm wishing and hoping for the best and I do have all my positive thoughts and hopes up.. There's always a chance of the opposite.. and if that's what happens.. I know I'll be all bummed out about it but I know I'll get over it.. and find a better opportunity..
So, friends and fellow bloggers.. wish me LUCK!
AND I'll keep you updated on what happens.. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think your resolution is wonderful. You should always look out for number one, you. I'm so glad to hear you will be doing that. I hope you get the job in vietnam. It is always so exciting to be in a new place, not that I need to be telling you that because you probably know that better than anyone. good luck to you my friend!!! xoxo