Friday, September 23, 2005

Darn it!!!

Now I'm pissed.
Just after I received my ticket in the mail today.
They call me up and tell me it's been cancelled!
No explanation, only that it's being rescheduled.
Oh, well, it's just my luck.
I guess I have this Saturday night free now..
Hopefully they will actually reschedule and I'll get to go.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Should I? OR Shouldn't I?

After that long trail of thinking..
Should I OR Shouldn't I?
Well, I finally decided on getting it.
And try to enjoy my life a bit..
and let myself enjoy a bit.
I mean what the heck!
We are supposed to live our fullest, right?
Everyday for the past couple of years I don't think I've felt as good as today.
Well, maybe I'm stretching a bit..
but anyways, yup.. I finally decided that I should! Period.

So, what's all this comotion about should and should not?
well, I guess it might not be a big deal for some but.. for me it is!
And I finally decided I should..
hehehe... I'm being so mysterious..
Ennio Morricone the famous composer and conductor is coming to Korea with his Roma Symphony.
And I just LOVE & ADORE his music.
He'll be performing for just one day and he's gone..

I guess some part of me tried to talk me out going 'cus of this and that reasons..
But the better half of me one! Hehe.
So I got the ticket and though I am going alone, I'm REALLY excited.
Over-joyed actually.
But I do know I will feel a bit awkward.
(especially when it's time to leave... I think.. oh well)
I know I'm a sucker at doing things alone...
But I thought I needed this time..
to be on my own and do this....
So, I've got my ticket and am counting down the days..
only 2 more days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


What is Happiness..
Really..what is it?
I guess I keep thinking about it..
And somehow come to a conclusion..
but then I go back to the question again and again..
In a sense, I feel and know that I am happy.
But not completely..
It seems that there's always something missing.
Don't really know what it is..
can't really put my hand on it..
but I think I'm within reach..
it's just that I can't get a hold of it..
you know how it is..
when you just seem to get a hold of something..
but you loose your grip and it just slips away..
I've been feeling like that lately..
Asking myself too many questions..
maybe that's it..
I'm asking too many questions..
yeah.. that must be it.
I think I'm happy..
but feel like there's something missing.. something really important.....
but then again, I'm trying to tell myself that it's okay..
I could let go of it..
but another part of me is reminding that I should try to remember what it is..
what it is that I'm missing.. forgetting..
it's so confusing....
maybe I should just let it go..
maybe I think too much..
yeah.. that must be it..
or isn't it?