Tuesday, September 20, 2005


What is Happiness..
Really..what is it?
I guess I keep thinking about it..
And somehow come to a conclusion..
but then I go back to the question again and again..
In a sense, I feel and know that I am happy.
But not completely..
It seems that there's always something missing.
Don't really know what it is..
can't really put my hand on it..
but I think I'm within reach..
it's just that I can't get a hold of it..
you know how it is..
when you just seem to get a hold of something..
but you loose your grip and it just slips away..
I've been feeling like that lately..
Asking myself too many questions..
maybe that's it..
I'm asking too many questions..
yeah.. that must be it.
I think I'm happy..
but feel like there's something missing.. something really important.....
but then again, I'm trying to tell myself that it's okay..
I could let go of it..
but another part of me is reminding that I should try to remember what it is..
what it is that I'm missing.. forgetting..
it's so confusing....
maybe I should just let it go..
maybe I think too much..
yeah.. that must be it..
or isn't it?

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    *hugs* happy thoughts your way!