Saturday, November 27, 2010

rapidly changing world

Just had to share this with you all! "Mailed Memories: Your Cherished Letters"

 We live in a world that's changing so rapidly with high-tech gadgets and advanced technology that even though the time I used to write to my friends and loved ones or take a picture with a film camera was only a while ago, it seems like that was in another life time. Don't get me wrong I am an early adapter and love the gadgets and everything however, there are times I miss the good old days. Some of the students I used to teach didn't even know what a film camera was or what developing films meant. They were just amazed at it when I explained to them.

 After reading the article it reminded me of how I wrote to a total stranger asking to be my penpal, wrote to my friends and family that were half way across the world. Mailing it with pretty postages, waiting and checking the mail box everyday. Oh, the mixed emotions I experienced during those writing, mailing and waiting… well, only the ones who had the joy would know what I'm talking about.

I, too, still keep some of my old letters boxed up and once in awhile scoop them up and read them all over again. Of course most of them are written by others but there are few that I've written and never mailed.

 I think I'll be sending this year's season greetings the good old fashioned way. :)

 Anyways, it was great reminiscing. Hope that you enjoy it as much as I have ;)
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wouldn't it be lovely...

"All I want is a room somewhere..
  Full of lots and lots of books.."

I was browsing on the internet and looking up some picture of books and bookshelves and was totally impressed by these libraries.. These settings would be my DREAM house library.. let's hope it does come true one day... ;)

This is from an interesting article from The Telegraph
This is a die for.. love how they installed the shelves.. impressive but then again.. I don't think I'll be living in a house this big... (found it on this site)
Now, this one's very modern and it's an unique design.. but I think I'll have a hard time cleaning the shelves... imagine all the dust settling on the edges.. but STILL it looks great, doesn't it?
got the pic from a blog post
Very cozy looking yet, well organized with lots and lots of room to shelf your books. :) Got this one from one of Oprah's articles
This one's amazing..totally loving the settings.. This rooms a bit big but it's still I'd love to sit on that chair.. lay back, relax and read! (source)
Fell in love with this one.. I like it because it's so bright! I could read ALL DAY in this room .. not that I couldn't read all day.. but seriously.. this room is gorgeous.. AND love the shelving because it's a cabinet style!
I don't remember where I got this one from.. but it's a building I'd love to visit.. where is it anyway?

a great selection of books

People Are Talking ... About These Five Books
So was browsing on my phone NPR app and found this article with some great selection of books that I'd absolutely be interested in reading in the future..

And one was already mention by one of our Bookleaves memeber, Sandra: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

Wish that books will come out quicker in paperbacks and get here in Korea faster! :( Sucks to be in Korea in these situations...
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