Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another Sunny Day...

As soon as I woke I felt the strong rays of sunshines showering down on me...
So while I tried to wake myself awake I thought it'd be another sunny day...
Another sunny day...
and it just didn't feel right!
I just felt like the whole world around me was about to collapse
and I just couldn't get myself to concentrate on what I really needed to do.

Today was another busy day,
hurrying myself just so that I wouldn't be late for class
and checking up on all the assignments and my list-to-do to make sure I didn't miss out on anything.

Today was an exceptionally long day.
I guess it won't be so next time...
Nonetheless it was the longest ever, since I came back from the trip.

But what's the use of wrinkling up my face, right?
it'll only increase the lines that my face doesn't need..(YET)
So I guess I'll keep up my smiles and happy thoughts..
try to be on the possitive side..
and be the happy go-lucky girl I've always been and tried to be.. ;)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The very first step..

It's always the hardest when you're putting out that first foot...
I just seem to crawl inside myself and try to think why and how I'm going to get through what lies before me.
But then, the good part is that it always works out..
There are times that I'll make a mistake and blame myself for doing it wrong..
and there are times that I'll be proud of myself for doing it correctly..
which ever it may be..
Whatever I do or we do, well, I guess we'll have to try it and just see how it goes along.
However the result may be we always learn from the experience we have. Right?

I haven't been writing for ages.
I even stopped writing in my diary and that's a big thing for me, because there wasn't a time that I did not write.
I guess it's been about 2 years since I deserted my diary.
And writing like this, I know it's awkward. But I'll try to keep up.

Chitra~ Thanks for letting me know about this site.. really appreciate it.
Will read yours and update mine regularly so.. keep checking in.. okay?
Love you and miss ya~!

It's been almost a month since I came back from Europe. We had a great time, my sister and I.  Posted by Hello