Sunday, November 27, 2005


A friend of mine got married yesterday.
She looked very beautiful.
Just can't really believe that she actually got married though.
It feels so unreal.
Though right now, she's probably on the islands with her husband enjoying their honeymoon.

The wedding was quite different from what I had imagined it'd be.
But it was alright.

I just hope that she'll be able to keep in touch even though she's married now.

Friday, November 25, 2005

the unexpected

I think what people dread the most is the unexpected.
(Well, at least it is so in my case)

the unexpected....

I feel that I've been faced with unexpected things quite too often recently.

When I was little, like every other little girls, I used to dream of living a life that you see so often in the movies.
Those dramatic but happy lifes that everyone seem to lead inside the big screen.

Maybe, I wished too hard.
Maybe, I envied too much.

Life, is full of drama, without the wishful thinking of having drama added to it.

But what can I say?
I am a dreamer.
I always have been and I probably always will be.

And then again, Life is also filled with unexpected things.
It's never planned, nor could it be followed by every plan you make.
I learned it the hard way.

Besides being a dreamer, I'm also a planner.
Yes, I still plan things out, but not like I used to.
Which, by the way, is a very good improvement.

Planning things and then having to change your plan because of the things that happen unexpectedly will get you down..
It's like building a tower of blocks and then it crashing down.

However, the unexpected is part of life.
And being able to deal with it is another part of it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I thought I needed the change..
So, what do you think?

Well, I like it..
It's definitely brighter..

headache, headache...

okay, so I've been getting these big headaches lately..
And today is the worst...
Maybe it's the cold weather.. the sudden change of temperature..
no.. I don't really believe it is..

It could be the book that I'm reading..
Only that it puts me straight to sleep than giving me any headache..
I love to read.. and it just amazes me how slow I can be in reading a book.
I mean.. it's only about a hundred and sixty pages long.
I know it's small print and all but still... it's a short book. Don't you think?
I never was a big fan of the author..
and I could tell you straight that I never liked reading her books..
But I didn't think it'd be this bad...
Who could have guessed.
Now, I started this book last week.. and I'm still on page 20.
How absurd is that!!

Anyway.. I really should get a move on with the book..
cus I have a book meeting to attend to coming Sunday..
So that gives me 4 days to read.. another hundred-forty pages to read..
Which isn't that bad if it were a different book..

Well, I guess you're all trying to figure out who the author is..
and what the title of the book is, eh?
Well, tough.. I ain't telling you ;)
I will though.. later on.. when I do finish reading it!

Cheerio for now,

Monday, November 21, 2005

Remind myself to write!

Yes, I sure need to do that often.
Though, it's been some tough couple of weeks...
Being a freelance isn't easy, I can tell you that for sure...
But then again, what's not? Eh?
well, last weekend, I went of on an English camp.
Yes, it was a camp to learn English, but no, it wasn't for children.
Though that would've been fun too.
Anyways, it was a weekend, one night-two days kind of a camp.
We were to start off Friday morning and return Saturday after lunch.

So, I volunteered to drive, what can I say.. I love driving.. and it was a long distance drive on the highway, and I wasn't about to pass that up.
Well, so the day before I did a quick check-up for the car, just to make sure nothing was wrong.
And I had a morning class just before we left and it did give me and extra hour before I actually the other teacher that were going to go with me.
Right after I started to head for my morning class, I heard a weird sound coming from my breaks. Now, that didn't feel right. So, after class I went to the auto-repair shop just to make sure.
And they told me I had to change my brake lining. So, I did, took me some time and I was a bit late.. but better save than sorry, right?
So, after getting the brakes fixed, I met up with the teachers..
Guess what!? we took a wrong turn and had to go around and that took us about 30mins.
And we were running late, real late.
Well, I drove as fast I could and tried to get to our meeting spot to meet the other group of teachers, who were in another car.
And we finally did and were well on our way..
It would have been perfect if it ended there..

BUT! there just had to be a BUT...
After about 30mins or more of driving down the highway do our final destination..
I started to smell something weird..well, I just thought it was the smell coming from outside..
and after couple of minutes my accelerator felt weird.
Even though I kept pressing it down the needle of the speedometer wouldn't go up..
What could I do.. but to pull over..
So I did and call the other car that I had to pull over and that something was wrong with my car.
We had no choice but to call the towing company..

Now, car trouble... it just scares me.. with all those accident I had..
I love driving.. but having a car trouble is like getting a heart attack..
Luckily, my engine didn't die. THANK GOD!
But, we were running really late, so we did have to squeeze into the other car and leave my car with this other person(one of our company rep., cus he didn't have to teach)
I didn't want to leave my car in the hands of strangers.. but I didn't really have a choice.. so..
I did.. and we were on time.. sort of.. only 10 mins. late...

we started our 3hours classes starting at 2:10pm and finished at 5:10.
Had our dinner till 6pm started another 3hour class and called it a night.
After my class our rep. told me that he got the car back and was parked right outside the building and told me that it cost around $430. (I don't know if I have to pay the whole thing or if they're going to pay half.. still haven't heard what's going on.. but the rep. paid for it for now.. and the good news is that my car got fixed! Yeahy!)
we had some bonding time after class, talked and talked and talked and I finally went to my room at around 3am woke up at 6am ate breakfast and started another 3hour morning class from 8am til 11am.
And that was the end of the English Camp.

Very intensive.. fun.. great expreience..
Don't really want to repeat it the same way.. but.. it was interesting..
And definitely exhausting!