Wednesday, November 23, 2005

headache, headache...

okay, so I've been getting these big headaches lately..
And today is the worst...
Maybe it's the cold weather.. the sudden change of temperature..
no.. I don't really believe it is..

It could be the book that I'm reading..
Only that it puts me straight to sleep than giving me any headache..
I love to read.. and it just amazes me how slow I can be in reading a book.
I mean.. it's only about a hundred and sixty pages long.
I know it's small print and all but still... it's a short book. Don't you think?
I never was a big fan of the author..
and I could tell you straight that I never liked reading her books..
But I didn't think it'd be this bad...
Who could have guessed.
Now, I started this book last week.. and I'm still on page 20.
How absurd is that!!

Anyway.. I really should get a move on with the book..
cus I have a book meeting to attend to coming Sunday..
So that gives me 4 days to read.. another hundred-forty pages to read..
Which isn't that bad if it were a different book..

Well, I guess you're all trying to figure out who the author is..
and what the title of the book is, eh?
Well, tough.. I ain't telling you ;)
I will though.. later on.. when I do finish reading it!

Cheerio for now,

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