Friday, June 04, 2010

Scone? or STONE?!

Ok, don't kill me but it was my first time at trying this.. I mean my muffins turned out fine.. but the scones! DISASTER.. I guess I felt like cooking something or rather baking. I knew I had some flour lying around in the pantry so gave it a shot..besides, reading Julia Child's 'My Life in France' got me all mouth-watering for French food and food in general. and end result was DREADFUL!

You would think following the recipe would get you a real nice, delicious, hot scones straight out of the oven.. NOT! well, it was totally my fault since I did add more flour at the end thinking the dough was too watery.. I mean how was I to know? there wasn't any 'Chef Bugnard' to coach me through this.. I was on my own on this.. no one to tell me and advise me.

So the dough turned out to be very elastic, don't ask me how, but I do believe adding more flour would get you that result. and when I baked it it just got harder and harder.. you wouldn't believe how hard it got.. :(
Well, the picture looks pretty good AND the taste wasn't actually bad.. it's just the texture. I wanted that soft crunchy scone but instead I got a hard stone! I guess this taught me just to buy one rather than attempt in baking a bunch.. =P


This was the second time I've visited this restaurant and I must say I really do love this place.. The first time was probably about 3 or 4 years ago.. anyhow, it's near Gyeongbok-gung station(line#3) I didn't realize it was that close to where I worked until our team went to eat lunch.

The food's pretty good and I love the whole place, very nicely arranged. They even rent the place for family events and weddings and such.. I didn't know they had lunch sets but I guess most restaurants usually do.. anyway their lunch cost 18,000won plus 10% tax but you get the whole course: bread, soup, salad, main dish of your choice, desert, and coffee/tea/soda. I though it was worth it. AND they give you more bread, soup and salad if you want more. Totally worth the price! me thinks.. ;)

 [Soup of the day was Hungarian Goulash. I had the Fruite de Mare with cream sauce(Seafood cream pasta) for main dish, had my Earl Grey for my after meal tea and the dessert was Orange panna cotta. YUM!]

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It must be the weather...

As I'm sitting at my desk at the office.. I feel my eyelids drooping down heavily ..
and my heads pounding!!!

so.. I'm guessing it's probably because of the warm, nice weather outside that I'm feeling so drowsy..
and probably my head's being pounded because this ridiculous cold will just simply not leave me alone.

good thing that it's a holiday tomorrow.. though I have tons of overdue work piled on my desk waiting for my attention :( ah... C'est la vie!

being overwhelmed with work just makes you go the opposite of getting things done, don't it?

I just hope I'll get at least half of the things done then, I could be in peace (only a little, I imagine)

I don't know why, but these days, thoughts of dad is constantly on my mind.. and I miss him dearly..
maybe it's the one year thing.. though it has been over a year.. or maybe it hasn't been long enough..
Maybe I'm just thinking too much :)and need some entertainment in my life!!!

<-- not really a picture I took today.. but the weather is just like it. That's the side gate(not open to public, I believe) of Gyeongbok-gung (palace) and it's right opposite my office..