Friday, June 04, 2010


This was the second time I've visited this restaurant and I must say I really do love this place.. The first time was probably about 3 or 4 years ago.. anyhow, it's near Gyeongbok-gung station(line#3) I didn't realize it was that close to where I worked until our team went to eat lunch.

The food's pretty good and I love the whole place, very nicely arranged. They even rent the place for family events and weddings and such.. I didn't know they had lunch sets but I guess most restaurants usually do.. anyway their lunch cost 18,000won plus 10% tax but you get the whole course: bread, soup, salad, main dish of your choice, desert, and coffee/tea/soda. I though it was worth it. AND they give you more bread, soup and salad if you want more. Totally worth the price! me thinks.. ;)

 [Soup of the day was Hungarian Goulash. I had the Fruite de Mare with cream sauce(Seafood cream pasta) for main dish, had my Earl Grey for my after meal tea and the dessert was Orange panna cotta. YUM!]

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