Friday, June 04, 2010

Scone? or STONE?!

Ok, don't kill me but it was my first time at trying this.. I mean my muffins turned out fine.. but the scones! DISASTER.. I guess I felt like cooking something or rather baking. I knew I had some flour lying around in the pantry so gave it a shot..besides, reading Julia Child's 'My Life in France' got me all mouth-watering for French food and food in general. and end result was DREADFUL!

You would think following the recipe would get you a real nice, delicious, hot scones straight out of the oven.. NOT! well, it was totally my fault since I did add more flour at the end thinking the dough was too watery.. I mean how was I to know? there wasn't any 'Chef Bugnard' to coach me through this.. I was on my own on this.. no one to tell me and advise me.

So the dough turned out to be very elastic, don't ask me how, but I do believe adding more flour would get you that result. and when I baked it it just got harder and harder.. you wouldn't believe how hard it got.. :(
Well, the picture looks pretty good AND the taste wasn't actually bad.. it's just the texture. I wanted that soft crunchy scone but instead I got a hard stone! I guess this taught me just to buy one rather than attempt in baking a bunch.. =P


  1. I think scones are difficult all around -- difficult to get to come out just right and messy to eat..crumbs everywhere. But they're delicious.

  2. I realized that this time.. though I'm eager to try again.. hopefully I'll succeed next time ;)