Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Ready!

So I finally met my boss-to-be and asked a bunch of question that I could think of, though I don't think it was everything that I wanted to ask.

One thing that I found out was that I am not going to HANOI but to HO CHI MIN. I don't know how I could have gotten confused. But I guess my eyes must have played some tricks on me and just read it wrong. Anyhow, after talking to him we set on a rough date (AGAIN) and my departure date has been pushed back to the first week of March. Though it's a relief that it's been delayed since I do have a lot of things to take care of before I leave.. I am somewhat unsettled because I feel nervous when things are wishy-washy. But I am happy that I got to actually meet the people I'll work with and confirm that they are not a scam ;)

So, I'll be able to attend another book meeting though I have not read it :( I will try to read as much before the meeting. :D

PACKING!!! Gosh, this is the most terrifying things since I am only packing for a year, for now. And I don't want to take EVERYTHING but there are some books(teaching materials) that do need to be going.. those I'll probably ship but still it's a lot and I wish I could just leave most of it behind.. oh, well.. we'll see how things go..

My room looks like it's been bombed and feels like a refugee center.. :( I'm hoping I'll be done packing within next week.

Wish me luck!!!