Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look at what my dog did!!! =(

that's the one right below...
I came home today..
and she was waiting for me with that...
I was just shocked..
and I couldn't even scold her..
Well, hoping that she'd be a good girl and leave the puzzles in one piece was, I guess, my utmost mistake..
Anyhow, I'm just going to have to start it all over AGAIN!!!
But, before I do, I'm thinking I'll do it after I've done another piece I've bought..
so, I'm going to give a short break.. and when I'm done with the new one.. I'll start all over again..
This time she won't mess it up *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

trying not to think..

This is what I've been doing for the past few days now..
I'm back in the mojo of jigsaw puzzles again!! The one I'm doing right now is by Leonardo Da Vinci, called "Head of a young woman with Tousled hair". It's all shiny so it kinda makes it hard to match or even figure out which part is which but.. it's worth it..
It keeps your mind off things for awhile..
and.. I think I'm totally obsessed in finishing it soon.. since I have a bet going on with a friend.. that makes it even more exciting.. ;)
He thinks I can't finish it within this month and I say I can..
If I DO finish it then he's going to buy me another puzzle of my choice.. and if I don't then I'll buy him a puzzle of his choice, complete it and give it to him in a frame..
So that's the bet.
I'll let you know how it turns out when I'm done... AND whether I won the bet or not. ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twilight Saga

I still haven't seen the internationally famous "Twilight". However, I
just finished reading it and am on to the next one "New Moon".

I tried to read but nothing seemed to hold my attention during this
crisis I'm going through. I just couldn't read or concentrate on any
of the words until I decided to buy "Twilight", which I've been
trying to hold off for some time.

Anyway, It did grab my attention while I was shopping for a book for a
student. I was about to just pass by but my book-loving part took
control (I think)... grabed the book and went straight to the counter.

I'm glad I did get it because I was getting afraid that I wouldn't be
able to read anything for some time. It was nice to be distracted by a
high-teen novel and just me able to enjoy it: imagining and just being
consumed by it.

I can't compare the novel with the movie yet since I haven't seen it..
However I do feel that it is an easy-read and something you might want
to read if nothing else just seems to be interesting. Oh, but if
you're not that into vampire stories then you might want to skip it
cus it IS about vampires.

I'm half way into "New Moon". It still is a bit difficult to
concentrate but the fact that I am reading something is more
important. I'm hoping to finish the second book of the four and
hopefully I'll be able to start the third one: Eclipse.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last year and this year has been very difficult for me and it still is
difficult to cope. And it's been extra hard to read anything though I
do love to read. I know I used to read to get rid of the strain and it
used to relieve me of stress, allow me to escape from reality, and
live in the literary or imaginary world. However, the numbness that I
feel lately seems to block all that. Dad's not duing so well. It's
been 10months since he's been diagnosed. The doctor did say a year but
what I didn't realize was how short that year would be. He's been
hospitalized now and it's been 2 months Mom's been spending her time
with Dad. She's tired, he's tired we're all tired.... The numbness
just won't go away.. We're breathing, living everyday as if nothing's
wrong but the truth is that nothing's right.. It never will be.. And I
think I'm finally begining to realize that. That everything has