Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last year and this year has been very difficult for me and it still is
difficult to cope. And it's been extra hard to read anything though I
do love to read. I know I used to read to get rid of the strain and it
used to relieve me of stress, allow me to escape from reality, and
live in the literary or imaginary world. However, the numbness that I
feel lately seems to block all that. Dad's not duing so well. It's
been 10months since he's been diagnosed. The doctor did say a year but
what I didn't realize was how short that year would be. He's been
hospitalized now and it's been 2 months Mom's been spending her time
with Dad. She's tired, he's tired we're all tired.... The numbness
just won't go away.. We're breathing, living everyday as if nothing's
wrong but the truth is that nothing's right.. It never will be.. And I
think I'm finally begining to realize that. That everything has

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  1. I am really sorry to hear all of this news. I have no words to heal, but I will pray for your family.