Sunday, May 10, 2009

a new start.. a new beginning

Starting Monday, I'll be working at a new job.

It's a fulltime thing and I'll be working from 9am till 6pm like normal people.. none of that evening classes, staying up till 3/4 in the morning and waking up at noonish business..

I've taught English in Korea ever sine I got here.. and that's a long time this was my 12th year teaching. I did start from tutoring going to companies to lecture and teaching at hakwons.. I do love teaching and it's a great job but I do believe anyone can get really sick and tired of their job once in awhile.. for me, the cycle seemed to be 3 years.. well, it also is true for living in Korea.. I don't know if it's just Korea because I haven't really lived in one place over 3 years till now... Maybe that's why I get those anxious, jitty feeling around 3 years time and am eager to just pack up and leave.. but because you need to earn your living and bring home the bread.. it's a different story.

Well, I'm taking a break in teaching and will try something different. It's still related to teaching, though. I'll be recruting teachers and hopefully it will not be a bore. I am nervous of how I'll adapt to it, though I do get used to things pretty quick.

Oh, and for the occasion.. I did some cleaning, it's not really to my satisfactory but I reorganized my shelves and my room and I think (and hope) am ready for Monday.


something that's been on my mind for sooooooooo long..
a nice confy sofa.. though to buy an actual sofa(/recliner) is somewhat pricy..
so the alternative was the beany... you know the round big thing that we all so loved..
I looked everywhere.. searched on the web.. and no luck.

but last year I finally did find something similar to what I wanted.. however, it wasn't the time.. and my room was too small to put such a big thing in.. and still hadn't really organized it after putting in the shelf.. =( I know, I've been lazy.. but, I wasn't really in the state of mind to do anything, so there, there's my excuse...

anyhow, I ordered it I think on May3rd and got it on the 6th.. really quick, huh?
and this is what it looks like...

It is REALLY comfortable.. a bit expensive but I think it was worth it...

Friday, May 01, 2009


Since I was merging two of my blogs, I thought I'd do a make over.
It's nothing fancy... I just made it simpler, bigger, and changed some colors around.
Originally, I wanted to go with a brown background to give it a softer look.. but couldn't find the shade of brown that I wanted from the color code so this is the end result.

I think it still has a warmth to it so, there.

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up and maintain it regularly...
Things are beginning to look better...


trying to keep up with several blog is, well, not an easy task..
So, I've decided that it's time for me to concentrate on one thing.

Thanks to blogger's great - well, how should I say this - system/service, I was able to export then, import all my postings from my other blog which I used it to scribble personal stuff into this one.. It was very easy to do.. several clicks and all the postings were copied into this one.. and I could even select the ones I wanted to post(though, I didn't want to loose anything so I posted all of it)

Anyhow, I'm planning to use this site mainly for reviews on books and movies.. but also to post things about myself. I did want it to be all separate.. but that's just too much work.. and time which I don't have.. so there it is... a merge.. and that's that! =)

Besides, it's easier to visit one site rather than two, right?


written on a notepad.. April 06, 2008 - 01:13 AM

Night and Day merges to one and time just seem to fade away.
Floating in space and time without destination.
Seconds, minutes, and hours just undistinguishable.
Like being stuck in a room full of clocks and watches that are all pointing in their own different directions.
Like visiting the clock smith and seeing all those watches he’s trying to fix.

The fear of being lost and fear of inability to find the way just sucks me into this tiny room where I can barely breathe. All these ticking sound pushing, rushing, ushering me to be quick. And me just standing there, just pacing back and forth unable to make a decision. So, the problem…
Yes, it feels like I’m stuck in that tunnel again.. that I keep coming back to.. and that tunnel is like a shape shifter who changes its shape every single time as it sees fit – preventing me from escape… freedom.

So, it’s that tunnel again..
that hopeless feeling just flooding back…