Friday, September 26, 2014

XYZ in Korean?

You know that awkward situation where you notice something is quite not right in the lower pants region and you want to point it out without embarrassing the other person.. 

In English, it would go something like XYZ (examine your zipper). 

But how could we say that in Korean? It's quite simple... the phrase you're looking for is...

남대문이 열렸다. 
(Namdaemuni yeolyeodda)
Namdaemun is the south gate and when something is yeolyeodda, it's open. 
So, South gate is open.

It's quite easy to remember too, just think south, lower part, and open. 

There are many stories to how this came about. One of the story is that long time when the usually closed south gate in Seoul, Namdaemun, was open, that's when people could see things that they usually weren't privileged to and hence the lower part should be covered most of the time the once in awhile agape situation could be viewed as how it was back then. Another way to interpret it is the word 'nam' means male and 'mun' means door, so, the door to your male part is open. 

So next time you see someone's zipper undone, try this phrase:
남대문이 열렸다. 
(Namdaemuni yeolyeodda.)
Your south gate is open!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Being me

We always ask ourselves at one point in our lives... "Who am I?" And sometimes the answer doesn't come easy to us. So we think and think and think and maybe we end up with an answer or we don't and try to get back to it again. Or come up with a satisfying answer for the time being and move on. 

So who am I really? Do I have an answer to that? No, I don't but I am still learning and trying to figure out. Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong. Maybe I'm not suppose to ask that specific question. Maybe the question should be "what do I want?"

Friday, September 12, 2014

Korean Proverb #1: 고기는 씹어야 맛이요, 말은 해야 맛이라

고기는 씹어야 맛이요, 말은 해야 맛이라 : 
(Gogi nun a ssib eo ya mati-yo, mal eun Hae ya Mati-la)

Literally it means "meat tastes the best when chewed and words when spoken".
What it's trying to say is don't keep the words that are meant to be spoken out loud bottled inside but give it a voice so you don't have to be all stressed out on holding it in.


Making decision is not an easy task. 
There are so many variables to consider and while taking them into considerations  you need to factor in which is the best and ideal choice for you. 

Plus, it can't be perfect because life isn't perfect and you can't have it all. The universe just does not work that way. 

You'll have to make compromises and you'll have too give something up in order to gain the other that you desire more. 

Today, I was trying to decide and confirm on the accommodation for my trip on October. Yes, it's not a biggie but even in deciding an accommodation you have to compromise or you just pay every little dime for the thing you want and not I'm not a millionaire so I'm not going yo do that. Conclusion, I came up with a decision and I had to compromise. 

Anyways, the point is... we can't have everything.. Life is about making decisions and sometimes we make good ones and sometimes we make bad ones. And through those mistakes we learn. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

No work... All play!

So I haven't been working since end of July and it's been weird but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Though, now it's time I should slowly start doing the search. Anyways, that's not the issue right now. When I started having all this time to myself first I imagined I'd be spending so much time doing so many things and meeting a lot of people that I wasn't able to... boy, was I wrong.. 

Yes, it didn't turn out exactly the way I planned it and hoped it'd go but I think only thing good that came out of this break is that I was able to really get a good rest and that I had some time to think (maybe too much, but that's okay too). Since 1998, I have been preoccupied with work and pretty much wrapped up in making a living that I forgot to really enjoy. I have taken things for granted, especially living here.. but that's another story. I've justified and made excuses to myself saying it was okay if I didn't do certain things: either I was too busy or too tired. Which, yes it's true but also could work as an excuse because we are capable of doing things if and when we put some effort in it. So, yes, it may have been excuses or not but that's all in the past. 

I forgot how much I missed writing and yes I've been scribbling a little here and there in my journal but after yesterday, meeting two bloggers, I thought to myself  what happened to my blog?! So here I am, updating and writing again. This is a challenge to myself.. And I hope I can accomplish it! Write at least once a week (I know, you might say only once? But I'm starting slow and one step at a time :p) I recently started studying online to get my credential to teach Korean.. and I thought, I could write about some useful Korean idioms and put it up as well.  So I'll try to do that once a week as well :)

There, now I've made it official! One post a week on pretty much anything I want. And another a week on Korean idioms :) until the end of this year(2014). 

Flavor & Recipe - a lovely little gift shop

A cozy little shop in the back alley of Itaewon area. You can find handmade candles and many different scented products. Love this little place. As soon as you're in you're greeted by the lovely owner of this little place as well as the relaxing aroma of different kind of scents. She also has workshops that you can sign up for and of you need a little area for your own group she also rents the place for a tiny fee. The place also has little trinkets that are perfect for presents :) If you're in the area make sure to stop by and take a looksee! (Will add map and info below)