Friday, September 26, 2014

XYZ in Korean?

You know that awkward situation where you notice something is quite not right in the lower pants region and you want to point it out without embarrassing the other person.. 

In English, it would go something like XYZ (examine your zipper). 

But how could we say that in Korean? It's quite simple... the phrase you're looking for is...

남대문이 열렸다. 
(Namdaemuni yeolyeodda)
Namdaemun is the south gate and when something is yeolyeodda, it's open. 
So, South gate is open.

It's quite easy to remember too, just think south, lower part, and open. 

There are many stories to how this came about. One of the story is that long time when the usually closed south gate in Seoul, Namdaemun, was open, that's when people could see things that they usually weren't privileged to and hence the lower part should be covered most of the time the once in awhile agape situation could be viewed as how it was back then. Another way to interpret it is the word 'nam' means male and 'mun' means door, so, the door to your male part is open. 

So next time you see someone's zipper undone, try this phrase:
남대문이 열렸다. 
(Namdaemuni yeolyeodda.)
Your south gate is open!


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