Saturday, September 06, 2014

No work... All play!

So I haven't been working since end of July and it's been weird but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Though, now it's time I should slowly start doing the search. Anyways, that's not the issue right now. When I started having all this time to myself first I imagined I'd be spending so much time doing so many things and meeting a lot of people that I wasn't able to... boy, was I wrong.. 

Yes, it didn't turn out exactly the way I planned it and hoped it'd go but I think only thing good that came out of this break is that I was able to really get a good rest and that I had some time to think (maybe too much, but that's okay too). Since 1998, I have been preoccupied with work and pretty much wrapped up in making a living that I forgot to really enjoy. I have taken things for granted, especially living here.. but that's another story. I've justified and made excuses to myself saying it was okay if I didn't do certain things: either I was too busy or too tired. Which, yes it's true but also could work as an excuse because we are capable of doing things if and when we put some effort in it. So, yes, it may have been excuses or not but that's all in the past. 

I forgot how much I missed writing and yes I've been scribbling a little here and there in my journal but after yesterday, meeting two bloggers, I thought to myself  what happened to my blog?! So here I am, updating and writing again. This is a challenge to myself.. And I hope I can accomplish it! Write at least once a week (I know, you might say only once? But I'm starting slow and one step at a time :p) I recently started studying online to get my credential to teach Korean.. and I thought, I could write about some useful Korean idioms and put it up as well.  So I'll try to do that once a week as well :)

There, now I've made it official! One post a week on pretty much anything I want. And another a week on Korean idioms :) until the end of this year(2014). 

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