Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the Awesome Gym

So this is our little gym at HOAM center.. I usually have this place to myself because no one uses it at 5pm (that's when all the trainees are studying) So I have the whole place to myself.

And as you can see below...
I tooks some snap shots of our lovely locker room plus the shower room..
it really has everything enven though it's little.
my favorite is the sauna and the jacuzzi.. it does massage your back real good..
should try it sometime.. if you get the chance... ;)

on my way to work

So here are some pictures of my way to work..
The way the sun shines and paints the sky is very pretty and every morning has a distinct color

▼This is on Yongdong expressway

after passing through Masung toll gate... So this is the path to Everland & Hoam center ▲

◁◀◁ There's a valley (you can't really see it from the picture.. sometimes you'll only see a sea of fog.. it's really beautiful)

Yes, I'm closing in ... You'll be able to spot HOAM after that curve. ▲

▲ Okay... do you see that square figure in the middle of the picture..
that's HOAM center.. where I WORK!

You'll be able to see the building hiding behind the trees and the drivway to the center is absolutely fabulous.
Plus, you'll see peacocks EVERYWHERE!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Thank God for the Weekend!

Could you imagine having no weekend...
That'll probably kill people...

Anyway, I do need a break from work.
Not that I don't like it but because I do need some rest.

This weekend I'm hoping it'll be relaxing cus I don't really have any plans but to go see a movie..
I don't think my Saturday will be very busy... I do have a class to teach..
but it's just a 2-hour class in the morning..
I'm hoping i'll have some time to myself to read...

There are tons of papers that's waiting for me to be graded...
I don't know if I'll do any of them over the weekend but..
let's hope I do.. cus if I don't that means more work next week..
but then again.. I do like staying late at the office..
it's very quiet... sometimes scary since I'm the only one in the office..
and it's a huge space to be alone in...

Oh, well, back to work.....
have loads to do before class..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

SKIING @ Yong Pyong

Our little drive to Yong Pyong..
We Absolutely had a fantastic time there. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

Very cute couple we met that day... Rachael and James. Hope to see you guys soon!
Don't forget about our February outing!

And at last.. our group picture.

Didn't think it'd turn out this big of a group but it did and LOVED it.
We should do it again!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the Drive Home

So it's late and dark out...
and I'm driving home..
it was very peaceful and a bit scary to drive alone at night..
I'm pretty sure this was over 10pm.
I've been staying at work late last week, all week, except for Friday.
It was great though, got lots of work done.
That was good.

Monday, January 08, 2007


← Mitzi and moi!
After we got a make-over!

Saturday All-Girls-Day-OUT!!
We had a BLAST!
We had delicioso lunch at Pasha, though we couldn't finish everything we had ordered, it's still good.

Then we were off to get Mitz's phone and to a camera shop.

After our major makeover we went to Costco and did shopping.
We should have done something more exciting since we were looking all so PRETTY!
Anyhow, that was fun!
We should totally do it again...
And I'm psyched!
I'll say more about that later though....

Next Saturday's ski trips gonna be FUN!!!

← Mitzi & Liz @ Costco eating pizza and hotdog.

↓ Liz after her makeover...
Girl~ you're looking GOOD!

So here's another year!

Another year has just gone and a new year is here..
Well, I think I did have a good year though, considering everything.
I started work at Samsung teaching Samsung employees English.
And met so many nice people.

Saw lots of musicals and concerts and movies.
Which was all exciting..

Next weekend I'm planning to go skiing with some friends and friend of a friend..
Looks good too... so you won't see me complain..

I started to exercise again..
and it's tiring but refreshing..
Let's do hope that I will keep it up!