Tuesday, January 23, 2007

on my way to work

So here are some pictures of my way to work..
The way the sun shines and paints the sky is very pretty and every morning has a distinct color

▼This is on Yongdong expressway

after passing through Masung toll gate... So this is the path to Everland & Hoam center ▲

◁◀◁ There's a valley (you can't really see it from the picture.. sometimes you'll only see a sea of fog.. it's really beautiful)

Yes, I'm closing in ... You'll be able to spot HOAM after that curve. ▲

▲ Okay... do you see that square figure in the middle of the picture..
that's HOAM center.. where I WORK!

You'll be able to see the building hiding behind the trees and the drivway to the center is absolutely fabulous.
Plus, you'll see peacocks EVERYWHERE!

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