Saturday, December 03, 2005

bloody cold....

well, I have nothing against cold weather..
in fact, I love cold weather..
it's just I seem to catch cold every season...

gosh, I can't breathe properly..

anyway, it's so cold, and I'm so down..
I can't seem to concentrate...
I know I should be studying for this exam that's in about 2 weeks..
but guess what.. well, I haven't exactly been studying ..
that's what..

anyways.. I should probably hit the sack now..
have to wake up at 5am..
to go and teach this CEO that I've been teaching for the past 2 months.
He's pretty good actually, and talkative too..
So it does make it easier on me.

Oh, yeah.. I almost forgot...
I should finish reading "Mrs. Dalloway"..
It really is a pain.. but nevertheless.. I should finish it before Sunday.

Sooooo delighted...

So I got back in touch with a friend, Betyshia,
that I've longed to get back in touch with for such a long time..
It was so nice to talk to her again, though it was on a messenger.

It was really hard to find her, I could tell you that..
and I tried to find her contact info for several years now,
never dreamed I'd really find the right person.
But I did in the end.. =)
Good thing that I never gave up looking for her :)
"It was REALLY nice to talk to you again, Betyshia!"

another big news ...
A good friend of mine is getting married coming Monday.
It's a bit of a shock, cus I just heard about it today..
He's half way around the world..
But this I really want to say..
"CONGRATULATIONS TAZ!!! Hope you're happy forever and ever"
and sorry I can't be there for ya and attend your wedding..
I would have if I could.. but I can't..

well, it's bed time for me..
better hit the sack...

Friday, December 02, 2005


It's already the second day of December..
which means we have 29days left till 2006.

so.. November wasn't really a good month for me..
though I'm hoping this month will be better.
And it's the last month of 2005..
so it better be good...

use of the www

Now this just shows how we're accustomed to using the web
these days..