Saturday, December 03, 2005

bloody cold....

well, I have nothing against cold weather..
in fact, I love cold weather..
it's just I seem to catch cold every season...

gosh, I can't breathe properly..

anyway, it's so cold, and I'm so down..
I can't seem to concentrate...
I know I should be studying for this exam that's in about 2 weeks..
but guess what.. well, I haven't exactly been studying ..
that's what..

anyways.. I should probably hit the sack now..
have to wake up at 5am..
to go and teach this CEO that I've been teaching for the past 2 months.
He's pretty good actually, and talkative too..
So it does make it easier on me.

Oh, yeah.. I almost forgot...
I should finish reading "Mrs. Dalloway"..
It really is a pain.. but nevertheless.. I should finish it before Sunday.

1 comment:

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