Sunday, January 08, 2006

A whole new year...2006


Yes, it's another whole new year...
the first week of my new year was.. well, some what the same as last week.
Though I was busy with writing up the syllabus and preparing for the 'English Camp' that's starting on Monday.

A bit nervous.. but I'll get over it.

So, this I guess is my first entry of 2006.
I know.. I should have written earlier..
I've been telling myself over and over again that I should..
oh well...
what's past.. is past..

Just finished reading "The Birth of Venus" by Sarah Dunant.
It's an intriguing book.. kinda gets you into the Rennaissance period..
Something that I'm not familiar with.
If you get a chance .. you might want to pick it up..

it's exatly 3AM..
I'm at a friend's house.. and wondering.. what the hell I'm doing...
well first of all.. I'm not in bed..
and second of all.. my life it seems have been very out of control lately...
I'm trying to figure out what happened.. and what's happening..

Maybe I'm in that phase again.. though I know I haven't been in that phase for quite a while..
and I sure should know the symptom if I'm in one..
but it sure does not feel like it..
may be it's the new year..
another new year.. and aging another year..
the pressure of the world upon your shoulders..
well, pressure of your parents.. more like it.. but.. oh well..
what the hell am I saying?
I need to sleep.. that's what I need...
yup.. sleep.. and get my head cleared...
alright.. off to bed...
hopefully I'll feel much refreshed in the morning =)


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  2. Can't say much at all about our friend's blog at Pennystockinvestments. ;P

    Best wishes on a new year for a new fresh outlook on life Ara!

    Keep up the good work with your teaching. The demand over there certainly is a lot with so much of the IT industry's spotlight shining your way.

    FYI.. I'm still hooked on S.Korean movies. Watched the following so far (some not Korean though):
    - My Sassy Girl (aaargh.. culprit got me started)
    - Windstruck
    - Il Mare
    - The Classic
    - Christmas in Autumn
    - OldBoy (okay.. there'll be an odd few)
    - Sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. Vengeance
    - Tale of Two Sisters
    - Save the Green Planet
    - Attack the Gas Station (!!!!)
    - Turn Left Turn Right
    - My Little Bride

    ... Haven't stopped since. Still looking around. was a great help.

    Well, I hope life treats you great and as beautifully as a lot of these movies prove it can be.

    Ciao Ciao.