Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sooooo delighted...

So I got back in touch with a friend, Betyshia,
that I've longed to get back in touch with for such a long time..
It was so nice to talk to her again, though it was on a messenger.

It was really hard to find her, I could tell you that..
and I tried to find her contact info for several years now,
never dreamed I'd really find the right person.
But I did in the end.. =)
Good thing that I never gave up looking for her :)
"It was REALLY nice to talk to you again, Betyshia!"

another big news ...
A good friend of mine is getting married coming Monday.
It's a bit of a shock, cus I just heard about it today..
He's half way around the world..
But this I really want to say..
"CONGRATULATIONS TAZ!!! Hope you're happy forever and ever"
and sorry I can't be there for ya and attend your wedding..
I would have if I could.. but I can't..

well, it's bed time for me..
better hit the sack...

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