Monday, January 08, 2007


← Mitzi and moi!
After we got a make-over!

Saturday All-Girls-Day-OUT!!
We had a BLAST!
We had delicioso lunch at Pasha, though we couldn't finish everything we had ordered, it's still good.

Then we were off to get Mitz's phone and to a camera shop.

After our major makeover we went to Costco and did shopping.
We should have done something more exciting since we were looking all so PRETTY!
Anyhow, that was fun!
We should totally do it again...
And I'm psyched!
I'll say more about that later though....

Next Saturday's ski trips gonna be FUN!!!

← Mitzi & Liz @ Costco eating pizza and hotdog.

↓ Liz after her makeover...
Girl~ you're looking GOOD!

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