Friday, September 12, 2014


Making decision is not an easy task. 
There are so many variables to consider and while taking them into considerations  you need to factor in which is the best and ideal choice for you. 

Plus, it can't be perfect because life isn't perfect and you can't have it all. The universe just does not work that way. 

You'll have to make compromises and you'll have too give something up in order to gain the other that you desire more. 

Today, I was trying to decide and confirm on the accommodation for my trip on October. Yes, it's not a biggie but even in deciding an accommodation you have to compromise or you just pay every little dime for the thing you want and not I'm not a millionaire so I'm not going yo do that. Conclusion, I came up with a decision and I had to compromise. 

Anyways, the point is... we can't have everything.. Life is about making decisions and sometimes we make good ones and sometimes we make bad ones. And through those mistakes we learn. 

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