Sunday, May 10, 2009

a new start.. a new beginning

Starting Monday, I'll be working at a new job.

It's a fulltime thing and I'll be working from 9am till 6pm like normal people.. none of that evening classes, staying up till 3/4 in the morning and waking up at noonish business..

I've taught English in Korea ever sine I got here.. and that's a long time this was my 12th year teaching. I did start from tutoring going to companies to lecture and teaching at hakwons.. I do love teaching and it's a great job but I do believe anyone can get really sick and tired of their job once in awhile.. for me, the cycle seemed to be 3 years.. well, it also is true for living in Korea.. I don't know if it's just Korea because I haven't really lived in one place over 3 years till now... Maybe that's why I get those anxious, jitty feeling around 3 years time and am eager to just pack up and leave.. but because you need to earn your living and bring home the bread.. it's a different story.

Well, I'm taking a break in teaching and will try something different. It's still related to teaching, though. I'll be recruting teachers and hopefully it will not be a bore. I am nervous of how I'll adapt to it, though I do get used to things pretty quick.

Oh, and for the occasion.. I did some cleaning, it's not really to my satisfactory but I reorganized my shelves and my room and I think (and hope) am ready for Monday.


  1. "I'm working on... how the bloody hell I'm going to figure out this complicated, devastating, and inexplicable thing called life..."

    If you found no answers when you read Atlas Shrugged, you are beyond hope.

  2. I am so jealous of those book shelves.

  3. Good luck with the new job; they're lucky to get you.

    The shelves look hot.

    See you soon... <3

  4. Thanx Michelle and Susan..
    and whoever you are Burke.. um.. didn't really get to read Atlas Shrugged and it's just a figurative expression saying life is complicated.. hmmm.. thought it was clear.. but maybe it ain't for you..