Sunday, May 10, 2009


something that's been on my mind for sooooooooo long..
a nice confy sofa.. though to buy an actual sofa(/recliner) is somewhat pricy..
so the alternative was the beany... you know the round big thing that we all so loved..
I looked everywhere.. searched on the web.. and no luck.

but last year I finally did find something similar to what I wanted.. however, it wasn't the time.. and my room was too small to put such a big thing in.. and still hadn't really organized it after putting in the shelf.. =( I know, I've been lazy.. but, I wasn't really in the state of mind to do anything, so there, there's my excuse...

anyhow, I ordered it I think on May3rd and got it on the 6th.. really quick, huh?
and this is what it looks like...

It is REALLY comfortable.. a bit expensive but I think it was worth it...


  1. That looks nice and comfy.....

  2. Thanx.. it really is.. haven't been able to spend much time on it since I started a new work.. but it really is..