Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another Sunny Day...

As soon as I woke I felt the strong rays of sunshines showering down on me...
So while I tried to wake myself awake I thought it'd be another sunny day...
Another sunny day...
and it just didn't feel right!
I just felt like the whole world around me was about to collapse
and I just couldn't get myself to concentrate on what I really needed to do.

Today was another busy day,
hurrying myself just so that I wouldn't be late for class
and checking up on all the assignments and my list-to-do to make sure I didn't miss out on anything.

Today was an exceptionally long day.
I guess it won't be so next time...
Nonetheless it was the longest ever, since I came back from the trip.

But what's the use of wrinkling up my face, right?
it'll only increase the lines that my face doesn't need..(YET)
So I guess I'll keep up my smiles and happy thoughts..
try to be on the possitive side..
and be the happy go-lucky girl I've always been and tried to be.. ;)

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