Thursday, May 06, 2010

a Heads-up for our May 16th meeting!

Our May 16th meeting will be held at On the Border, within the CALT(City Airport, Logis & Travel) building next to COEX @1pm.

We'll be discussing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and going to take a peek at the Book Fair then a stroll to the book store(Bandi & Luni's).

Below is a map so you'll have a better idea where it's about...

If you're coming from the subway : walk towards exit#5&6 but DON'T walk out of either one. you'll see a big hallway leading to a square(Millenium Square).

From the square on your nearest left you'll see an entrance towards Hyundai Department store. Take that path go straight and into the departement store.

Walk a little bit forward (passing Aunt Annie's Pretzel shop) you'll see an escalator, from there go right and as you pass the food court you'll exit the department store and finally be underneath the CALT building. From there just walk straight and you'll see another pair of escalators(left). Now, On the Border is right behind it(so to speak).
 If you're coming from Bandi & Luni's, from the entrance of the book store take a right towards the path where Burger King is you'll then see Sony and then Linko's. Enter Linko's and exit it from the back entrance and walk straight until you see the escalators(on your right). As soon as you see the escalator turn right and you'll see On the Border.

If you guys ended up somewhere on the street.. well, if you see the Hyundai department store, facing the entrance, walk left and turn around the corner. As soon as you pass the department store parking entrance you'll see the CALT building.. DON'T go in because they have a separate entrance to On the Border. You'll see it as you walk straight. you can't miss it..

1. Discuss book in question & other books.
2. Discuss next book(s) & meeting dates/places.
3. Discuss possible future trip.
4. Talk about any other suggestion & opinions. (*update contact info)
5. Go to Book Fair (closes at 5pm)
6. Browse through Bandi & Luni's


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