Friday, April 30, 2010

Seoul International Book Fair 2010

Seoul International Book Fair 2010 is in town.. from May 12~16
Thanks to Sandra we were able to get the info.. I would have totally missed it if it weren't for you Sandra! Thank you!

It's open to public:
May 13~14 10:00~18:00
May 15 10:00~20:00
May 16 100~17:00

Admission: Adults: KRW3.000 / Children &Teens (under 19) KRW1,000

HOWEVER, if you pre-register.. then you get to go in for FREE.. so here's how you do it..
Since the English website doesn't have a pre-registering site.. and it's until today(April 30th) they accept pre-registration.. so do it QUICK!!

First go to this page..
Then enter your info, click ok, and print out your ticket.
I've also added the pictures just in case you have trouble understanding and inputting info..

Give me a call if you have any trouble!

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