Monday, April 26, 2010

Salsa SHOES!!!

It's about time I got them..after my initial start or shall we say my first try at learning salsa.. I did get distracted because of the plan of going away and then that plan getting canceled.. and on and on and on.

I finally decided it was time.. and got myself a pair of nice SHOES!!!
So, with the help of lovely Crys, a really nice gal I met at my initial try.. I walked from my work place(Gyeongbok palace station) to near Seoul station.. since it was raining and all I was thinking of going another day.. BUT I didn't want to get lazy and didn't want to delay anymore.. so with the rain pouring I walked a good 2.5km for about 35mins and arrived at the store.. my jeans got soaked and my shoes were too.. but oh, well.. today wasn't a bad day to walk.. it was actually nice walking in the rain.. if it rained a bit harder.. I might have taken a bus.. but it was okay...

I asked her of the price and all.. and since the price of the synthetic ones and leather ones didn't differ much was going to go for the leather ones.. Then again, I changed my mind because I wanted to get something right away.. for the leathers it had to be made.. they didn't have any with my size.. and they don't make many of my size(FYI, I have tiny feet.. 220) And besides, I'm a beginner so I thought I'll get a nicer one when I'm a bit better at it.. ;)

I got my shoes and headed home.. SO HAPPY! I'm gonna start learning right away! Yippie!

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