Thursday, April 22, 2010

Damn with the designs..

so.. I got rid of the background design.. why?
well, just felt like it.. when I did it.. I thought it looked nice..
but I'm just going to go with plain and simple white!

Another thing that I thought about was the name of my blog.. I've had it for a long time..
and I do like  the name.. it's relaxing.. and that's what I was aiming at.. but today at work I just felt the urge of changing it.. and then when I got home the urge was totally gone..

Though, I do think that the new name I thought about was pretty good.. I don't know..
I'm just being very indecisive at the moment.. surely it'll pass..

Oh, by the way HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

I walked about 30 mins. to the bus station today instead of taking a subway directly.
Does that count as an Earth day activity?


  1. I like your current name, but I'm curious about your idea for a new name.

    Yes, walking counts as an
    Earth Day activity.

  2. Thanks Susan!
    I like it too.. I think I got used to it which makes it harder to change.. so probably will stick with it. I'll let you know of my new ones later ;D