Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bolshoi on Ice

As a parents' day present to Mom, my sister bought tickets for the Bolshoi ice ballet show (May 9, though there were some complications so our tickets got moved to the May 2). Our seatings were excellent since we were front row center, right on the ice! The rink was ice cold but luckly we had our jackets and a blanket to share.. I think the show was almost 2 hours long started with 'Snow white' for the first part and some various short pieces then the second part ended with 'The Nutcracker'.

For me, the most memorable part was seeing the sad 7 dwarfs changing into happy-go-lucky dwarfs.. so goofy and cute. Also, the director of the show, Igor Bobrin, was amazing! Natalkia Bestemianova and Andrei Bukin were great, too. Oh, and can't leave out Dmitri Dmitrenko. Well, they were all good!

More pictures here!

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