Tuesday, May 25, 2010

so Many jewels within the net!

While I was browsing.. and uploading things for work.
I stumbled on a section of what my fellow book lovers would LOVE to hear about..
was so excited that I did almost scream and totally would have broken the dead silence of the office and woken up everyone... But I didn't and here I am writing about it.

So, if you love books and would love to go and borrow it.. here's an option for you. The only thing I'm concerned about is how many and varieties they have in store. Well, anyhow, I'll try to visit myself and give you a detailed info on it but here's the brief scoop:

Yeoksam Global Village Center, located near Gangnam station(line#2), apparently has 380 volumes of English and Korean(in English) books including recent bestsellers and Korean history books. Anyone intending to stay in Korea for over a month is eligible to rent the books. You can only check out 2 books at a time for 2 weeks, though you may extend the deadline by calling in, emailing, or visiting the center. If you're over due more than twice you'll not be able to borrow any books so, peeps, do return the books for others.

The only trouble you'll have to go through to check something out is to just visit the center with your ID and fill out a form. They also take in donations so if you're planning on leaving or have books lying around that you don't need you can donate them to the center or ME!!!( you know how much I love books and I can always use some more to rotate within our book club)

To get to the center get off at Gangnam station and exit #1. Walk straight until you pass the Yeoksam Tax Office and see the Wooribank. There, turn right and walk until BMS Building which is next to the Pitti Cafe. The center is on the fifth floor of Yeoksam 1 Cultural Center.

Yeoksam Global Village Center
Tel #: 02) 3453-9038~9
email: yeoksam@sba.seoul.kr


  1. Thanks for the great info! Exciting!!

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