Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Things on my Mind...

First thing first, graduation exam!
that's coming up in exactly a month, 29th of April.
Hopefully, I'll have no difficulties.
then I have the actual graduation to deal with.
(which is the easier part.)

And I need to get this teaching straightened out and running smoothly.

But what's really on my mind is book club.
I really want to make one. But right now I have no idea where to start.
Who to contact and what to do.
I know I won't be able to really run or get the club going until after I graduate.
but then again, I feel the urge to start now so I'll have decent amount of people to gather once I do have the time to start.
Anyways, so making a book club and gathering people for it has been something that's been on my mind ever since the end of last year.

I do know someone who's in a book club, and I thought of joining his..
but then, I only know him and not the rest and they've been doing it for ages.
(though, meeting new people wont be bad..)
feels like I'll be intruding. So that's been out of the question.
Plus, they meet too far away from my place.

I need to figure this out.. sooner than later.
Hopefully, I'll have a book club running by the end of this year.


  1. One thing is for sure - you know how to organize groups. I speak from participating experience. I'm sure you will be able to bring the same cheer and spirit we all enjoyed back in our freshman years.

    Long live the Pharcyders.... woot.

  2. Hm, when is the graduation exam? Perhaps you could join the book club afterwards. No harm meeting new ppl like you said.. once you meet the ppl perhaps you can get a ride with someone and read on the way there ;)

  3. I'll think about it~
    and who's the anonymous??
    I could only narrow it down to 4 people excluding you Chitra..

    and the Exam's on 7th of May it got pushed back a week. but I have my midterms next week. =p

  4. u think?
    hmmm... could be..=)