Tuesday, March 29, 2005


As some may have known and some may not.
It was Easter the past weekend.
Somewhat going-back-to-the-childhood Easter weekend for me.
Yes, it was tiring with the flu and all, but also, it reminded me of the Easter we used to have.
with all the egg colouring, decorating, and hunting.
and of course.. the EASTER BUNNY!!!

we didn't have the hunting and the bunny but it was fun all the same.
mom, sis and me and all the other people from church came over
and started decorating about 200 eggs.
It is a lot, isn't it?
well, I didn't draw much but coloured.
I'm not much of a painter but I know how to fill in spaces with colours.^^;;
well, that's what I did and I did get tired after 10 eggs, I think.
though I think Aram did about 50 of those.
Oh, that reminds me, I should post some of the pictures.


  1. aw.. i remember doing that ONCE when i was in kindergarten, in Taiwan. :)

    it was fun! but i don't remember an easter bunny :s

  2. Easter bunnies were just ADORABLE!!!
    We had a grown-up dressed in a bunny costume and I don't remember exactly where it was but we had this church gatherings in one of the woods and had real bunnies with tiny colourful ribbons round their neck and all the kids went chasing after them..
    Sounds like fun doesn't it?

  3. yeah! bunnies are the cutest!