Wednesday, March 30, 2005

little brats

okay, that might be a bit too strong a word but then again they are brats! ;)
So I now have one group of four nine-year-old boys and another group of 3 niney-year-old girls. Sometimes adorable but most of the times just pain in the butt!!
Don't get me wrong I DO love to teach these brats but I just get worn out, that's all.
I'll probably have more groups to teach starting this summer but for now.
It's just these two and a junior high kid who does not know how to read English.
He's in his teen and has no idea whatsoever of what he's doing.
and at the same time he doesn't really seem to care he can't read.
Though, I sincerely wish that deep in his heart he does.
So I need to figure out how to get him interested.
And right now, well, I just can't think of any.
I guess I don't really know him well enough to hit the right botton to get him motivated.
Hopefully, I'll find it soon.
Tomorrow will be my fifth class with him.
Wish me Luck!!


  1. You will have to create a need to communicate. Ask him to write simple letters to you or other friends. I used to have a book with my students, where I would write one simple question, and they would write back with two-three simple sentences' answer.

    Keep going! :) you can do anything!

  2. Thanks for your advise Chichi..
    I think I'll try that. The other parents who know him told me that he didn't used to be that way. So, I'm thinking I'll try talking to him first.. see what's on his mind.. like you've said. Thankx!! You're a BIG help! @}--