Monday, March 28, 2005

the evil illness with no direct cure

Well, I guess there are several that I could name..
that defines as an evil illness with no direct cure
However, I am talking about this FLU I got.
Now, don't ask me where I got it.
How should I know. I guess it's that time of the season where you just get it.
My heads spinning and I can't think straight.. though I don't think people actually do think straight.. or do they?
And I have that nauseous feeling like I'm going to throw up any minute, though thankfully that has past. I can't eat, well, I can but, can't really taste what I'm eating. So, I wouldn't really know if it really tasted bad.
My throught is so sore that it's hard for me to swallow anything.
Okay, okay, I'm making a big fuss about a tiny flu.
But it does feel awfull.
I hope I'll get over it soon.
And I also hope none of you have to suffer the same kind of flu I'm suffering.


  1. salamtik! (cairene for 'get well soon!') hey its good to see you writing again.. and you're doing well at it. hope you feel better soon :)

  2. ^^ thank u, thank u and thank u again! ^^*
    I'm trying.
    And good thing this flu's getting better.
    Hopefully, I'll be over it completely by end of this week~ ^^*