Monday, March 01, 2010

Through Trial and Error

so here I am trying to re-decorate my blog and I've been trying to add tabs and new pages.. NOT knowing that BLOGGER had their own pages available and tabs.. I searched madly through googles on 'How tos' and found it and been editing all day today and partly yesterday.. and guess what...!!! It was all for NOTHING..(well, not really nothing.. because I did learn how to add new tabs and whatnot.. not really useful anymore..) Now, I'm trying to change my bland design.. change the background and make it more appealing.. I don't know how I'm going to go about this.. and I have no idea on any designs yet.. but I'm going to search first and get my facts right before I actually apply it on here... or not. I'm more do it first  and research it while you go along than research, research, research and do it perfectly. I don't know what's better.. or maybe there's no such thing as better.. but as long as I'm getting the end-result to my satisfaction, that should do right?


need to do more thinking and designing on the blog..

see, I can do this now.. but I'm pretty sure I'll be all in chaos when I fly over to Vietnam..
I'm gettting really nervous 'cus I still don't have my tickets in my hand.. but they did tell me the flight will be latest the 9th or the 10th.. but me, I need to see the tickets!!! THEN I'll be saying "yes, I'm really going"

Right now I'm just a nervous reck trying to figure out my blog and leaving Korea after 12 years.. YIKES!!!

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