Wednesday, March 31, 2010


While I was organizing and making a new list of books we read ever since the group was up and running..
I realized that since June 2005, we've had about more or less 85 meetings.

Isn't that amazing? I mean there were some books we've read again so it isn't exactly 85 books but meeting wise.. well, I thought it was amazing.. This year will be the 5th anniversary since the book club was established.. and we might be able to celebrate the 100th meeting or that might happen next year.

I'll post up the whole list when I'm done with it on this blog..
I just need to make sure I got the list of 2009 right because I was pretty out of it last year..


1 comment:

  1. The 2009 list looks complete.
    You're right; we'll most likely hit 100 meetings early next's a possibility for this year if we have meetings every 3 weeks, I think.