Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The End and a New Beginning

So, I'm nearing the end of getting my B.A., finally.
After this week and next. I'm all done.

Graduation exam were okay. I didn't fail or anything.
And I almost forgot about it after taking it in May.
Just got the results last week. It's an 'A' so that's that.
No more worries.
The only thing left now are finals.
Good thing that I'm only taking a few classes.
So, four exams to go and I'm free as a bird. (NOT!)
But it's always good to know it's another end of something and then a new beginning of another is waiting around the corner.

Thinking it's my last time I'll be coming here makes me want to cry but,
I can always visit right?
Thinking back, I really had a great time here.

Right now I have no idea what my new beginning might be, but that's the fun of it, don't you think?
I'm just going to take it slow and easy.
It never did me good to rush things.
So, this time I'm just going to take things on my schedule and time.
I don't want to be pressured by anything.

Well, I should get back to my studies.

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