Tuesday, May 03, 2005

so April's gone and it's May already...

Wow~ how time flies, huh?
well, I guess I wasn't able to post everyday in April either.
Though I did my best.. with midterms and all.. ;)
Anyways, it'll be soon Children's day- day after tomorrow - but I'll have to stay home and study for my grad exam, which is by the way, on the 6th.

It's getting hotter everyday and I can't really bare this heat.
I really need to go somewhere and cool off..
though that is just a dream.. right now it wouldn't do me any good.
actually I wouldn't be able to do it if I did have the money or the time.
Well, no matter, I'm still catching up with my studying and reading..

I had a really nice talk with one of my favorite professor yesterday.
I really admire her.
She's such an inspiration and when talking with her, man, she just confirms my believe of nothing, and I mean nothing, is impossible.
I guess I needed the boost.
And I'm really grateful for her thoughtfulness and care..
Should prepare something for her for the coming teacher's day. =)


  1. hey ara,

    i was worried i hadn't been catching up with you.. but here i am.

    how was the grad exam girl? I am sure you worked hard and did well :) Let me know how things flow :)

  2. hey ara,
    you've been tagged. check http://esperanza.blogspot.com/