Saturday, April 16, 2005

small dreams, big dreams...

Well, I think they started big for me.. and kind of diminished along the way.
And I think, it's getting a bit bigger and bigger..
or lets just say I'm building on it.

I had plans, so many plans and spent so many time planning it.
But seeing it scatter into small pieces just in one incident...
in only a matter of seconds..
I think I stopped planning then.
and I think that's when my dreams started shrinking..

and at one point in some sense
I had no dream left. I had nothing.
I don't think I realized it right away that I had no dreams.
I think it took awhile. I don't know how long.
But it did take some time...
for me to realize that there was something wrong.

Maybe I had too much thought in my head and at one point it went blank.

But now I think I've made my turning point again.
I think I've made the right turn again..
and heading towards the right direction.

Who knows?
I might make a wrong turn again..
or something might happen along the way..
but I know I'll always find the right path..
how long it may take..
I know I'll find it.

1 comment:

  1. remember that john lennon song, that's been overquoted for a good reason..

    "life is what happens, when you're busy making other plans".. from "Beautiful Boy" i believe.

    i miss you girl. You're made of some tough stuff. :) I think you could accomplish anything you set your mind on.. Cheering you!