Sunday, July 12, 2009

the BIG 3-0!

so my pre-birthday started on Saturday, July 11th at 8AM: woke up, got ready and the whole family went to Samsung-dong for a BIG lunch. We went shopping at Hyundai department store afterwards until it was time to meet my friends in Kangnam at 7PM.

Once again this year I reserved Pasha.. I can't seem to find another great place to have a birthday dinner.. though it was a great place ;)

So, dinner and itaewon.. and yes, it was a night to remember.. I don't think I had that much fun for some time now.. It was great to really enjoy, meet people and simply have a great time.

And yes, I did get confirmed today.. I think I went without sleep for 40 hours (except, for a quick 1,2 hour rest) When I got home after all the planned and unplanned events, I think I passed out.. for about 4 hours.. and I just woke up, which by the way is NOT good at all, since I do need to wake up early tomorrow.. Yes, I did not forget that it's a Monday. And yes, I do work.. ;)

Thank you Kris, Mitzi, Emma, Peter, Mike, Rick, Bob, and everyone else I forgot to mention. Love you all!!

And most of all thank you sis for always being the *BIG*sister and looking out for me even though you're younger. Mom, I can't even start to say how thankful and greatful I am for getting me into this world in the first place and for your endless LOVE. I LOVE YOU both immensely.
Dad, I miss you SO MUCH, I know you're in a better place and I know you'll always look out for me.. There isn't a day that I don't think of you.. you're always be in my heart and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

They say the thirties is the new twenties so let's see how that'll be for me ;)

Okay, now I REALLY do need my sleep.. I did get up after sleeping about 4 hours just to write this..

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