Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st September 16th Meeting

Book: "You Remind Me of Me" by Dan Chaon
Attendees: Liz, Kasia, & moi (Susan, unfortunately, couldn't make it)

The process of getting there was so frustrating because the traffic was so bad and when I got off the bus to transfer to another one, I accidently got on the wrong one and ended up somewhere else totally and had to figure out to get to the meeting place.. But I did finally get there and it was so great to see Liz and Kasia already settled down. (Sorry for being almost an hour late ladies!!! will try to be punctual) After meeting the girls we went to Quiznos, the joint next door, to get a bite to eat. AND we followed our routine of going down to the bookstore and look at some books that were on the shelves... or should we say stacked...

Our meeting, even though there were only 3 of us, went nicely, I think we did have a good discussion.
We all finished the book (I did mostly and had to skim through the last bits..) but it was great. Liz seem to love the book, me, it ain't my favorite but it was a good read. I will definitely go back and reread the section that I skimmed through. Done that, I'll write a proper review of it.


  1. I hated missing the meeting & I hate it even more now! (Gnashing of teeth) Glad you had a good meeting, though.

  2. V, I tagged you for a book-related meme over at my blog. Have fun, can't wait to see your answers! See you Sunday!