Friday, September 28, 2007

I've been Tagged....

Well, after Susan's been tagged.. she tagged me.. so here goes my answers...

1. Hardcover or paperback, and why?
- Absolutely paperback! Hardcovers do look great on the shelf but since I read everywhere and sometimes carry around more than one book, I'd have to go with paperback.

2. If I were to own a book shop I would call it…
- I'm so bad with names... it took me ages to come up with the book club name(even had a friend helping out).. but if I were to name it, it would be "... with a cup of coffee..." just has a relaxing ring to it.. don't you think?

3. My favorite quote from a book (mention the title) is…
- Now, this is a difficult one... since I don't really take notes when I'm reading...

4. The author (alive or diseased) I would love to have lunch with would be ….
- Well, actually there are several authors that I'd like to have lunch with but if I were to pick one... um... well, I'd pick Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I would really like to as him what his inspiration to writing "The Shadow of the Wind" was, among other things.. and absolutely would have to ask him why he hadn't had any of his other books translated into English..

5. If I was going to a deserted island and could only bring one book, except from the SAS survival guide, it would be…
- I really hate these kinds of questions.. couldn't I have the whole bookshelf delivered??!! OR!!! what about FEDEX!!! Anyhow, one book you said... so... um... a never-ending book...? Seriously, I think if I can just pick one it'd be "The Shadow of the Wind"

6. I would love someone to invent a bookish gadget that….
- Hey How about a gadget that sorts your bookshelves AND your data in your computer! Now that'd be FANTASTIC!!

7. The smell of an old book reminds me of….
- the library that I used to go to every weekend(and the occasional weekdays) during high school.

8. If I could be the lead character in a book (mention the title), it would be….
- I'd like to be Emma in Jane Austen's book "Emma" Not so much because of the character but because of the era.

9. The most overestimated book of all times is….
- The Bible.

10. I hate it when a book….
- starts and ends with not real point to it. It's just a waste of time for the reader AND the writer.

Hoorah!!! I've done my victims...

TAG~! You're it!
- Anna
- Chitra
the Tao of Chi
- Lia
- Liz
- Kasia
- Aisha

Well, since I don't know the blog of the last four.. I guess I'll let them know.. and have them write it up on their facebook or something.. =) OR on our group site!

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