Sunday, September 07, 2008


I've been wanting to do this for some time now.. but suddenly I realized I have a CHOICE!!!
and THAT is not good...
Yes, I know, it's a happy dilema.. but still a dilema nonetheless...
Well, I don't want you to be saying what in the world is she talking about so, here it is...

I'm a Jane Austen fan... and you can absolutely say that I practically am an English Lit. major because of it. (and.. yes, Shakespeare and several others did help me decide I wanted to become and Eng. lit. major.. but Austen did the most) So, I've been trying to buy this set for some time now, but I realized that there are different ones.. DUH! I should have known... many publishers... equals different verions of the same book.. so here's the dilema.
WHICH should I buy?
I've seen the Collector's Library version at a bookstore and I liked it's gold edges, ribbon book mark and the tiny size where you can just fit it in just one hand.. I found an Oxford Illustrated version which I'm leaning towards more regardless of its price.. It has the complete work.. including her minor works... and it's in an old style font.. mind you I haven't seen the actual book, since I don't think bookstores here in Korea has it.. I do have to order it.. anyhow that's not the problem.. which do you think it's better?

PLEASE help me decide which one I should get.. though it'd be nice to have both.. I am trying to reduce some space my shelf is taking up...

Ok, final summary...
Collector's Library version has : very thin paper (almost see through), cloth-covered hardcover, gold edges, ribbon bookmark, small size (almost like the size it were in Austen period), 6 of her novels in separate books.

Oxford Illustrated version has : illustrations(I don't know how it is.. since I've never seen it), hardcover, made up of 6 volumes as well[V1=Sense and Sensibility. V2=Pride and Prejudice. V3=Minor Works (Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon). V4=Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. V5=Mansfield Park. V6=Emma], old typesetting

So which one do you think is better??
(the above image is the Oxford and below Collector's)


  1. Wow, delicious dilemma! I'm leaning slightly more towards the Oxford illustrated set. The other seems delightful, but I don't like really thin pages. Buying both would solve the problem... (-;

  2. Being a Jane Austen fan too, I would go with the Oxford illustration. There's just something about reading your favorite books in the text and style it was originally written in. I personally like the older styles better, like the Oxford. (I have something similar and like it a lot). Enjoy!!!