Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a day at "What the Book"

October 3rd, 2007
I met up with Liz to have lunch at Buddha's Belly and after we satisfied our appetite we headed for 'What the Book'. Now, since I forgot to organize my books and sort out the ones that I didn't want and bring in for the trade.. I just went up and put our new ad up on the board!!! Whoopy! Doesn't it look great? Well, had to shift some ads around since the original ad was just a piece of paper from my notepad and it didn't take as much space as this one.. but it looked good..
Anyhow, you all should have seen the original. It was printed out on a glossy paper so it looked all professional. Hehe~
Well, So there it is.. whoever is interested in the club will hopefully see it and have the courage and enough interest to contact.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of one of my favorite places! I hope to try Buddha's Belly soon. The new advertisement on the bulletin board looks soooo goooood! See you Sunday.